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The Adecco Group US Foundation is passionate about the role of education in closing the skills gap. Through work-related programs, partnerships, and investments, the Foundation aims to create greater economic opportunity for American workers.

Millions of jobs go unfilled because employers are unable to find employees to hire with the skills they need to run their business. At the same time, many Americans are underemployed; while they have the desire to learn new skills, they lack the necessary resources for training programs.

We aim to help close that skills gap by leveraging the strengths and capabilities of two powerful partners – Penn Foster and Percipio.

Click the logo below to begin your learning journey with Penn Foster.

Click the logo to begin your learning journey with Penn Foster.

Note: Course registration is only accessible to qualified candidates and associates by using their email address on file. Please reach out to your recruiter or account management team for more information.

Penn Foster is a leading online skills and credentialing company, whose mission is “to enhance the lives of our students and clients through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and credentials that can help them work toward their goals of advancing in their chosen field, starting a new career, or pursuing lifelong learning.”

In partnership with Penn Foster, the Foundation is excited to offer FREE industrial skills-focused learning opportunities to Adecco associates and candidates. Course offerings include content focused on Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, Leadership and MORE! The platform is online, mobile friendly, and open 24/7—granting our associates and candidates all sorts of learning flexibility.

Why Penn Foster?

  • World’s leader in at-home education
  • Has maintained a tradition of excellence for more than a century
  • Dedicated support team to nurture learners through course completion
  • Unmatched excellence in providing courses focused on industrial-based skills – from entry-level to leadership roles
  • Accredited high-school completion program that allows the Foundation to fund the tuition for associates unable to pay – helping remove this barrier to hire for many American workers

Click the logo below to begin your learning journey with Percipio.

Note: Course registration is only accessible to qualified candidates and associates by using their email address on file. Your default password is ‘ Welcome1! ’ – you can create your own password after logging in the first time. Please reach out to your recruiter or account management team for more information.

Percipio is Skillsoft’s immersive learning platform, designed to make learning easier, more accessible, and more effective. There are over 3,000 FREE clerical and professional skills-focused courses in our Percipio catalog – from Call Center to Clerical, to Project Management, IT, Six Sigma, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and MORE! This platform too is online, mobile-friendly and available 24/7.

Why Skillsoft Percipio?

  • Curated learning paths and Aspire Journeys
  • Learning personalized by AI innovation
  • Skillsoft digital badges
  • Ability to create tailored learning paths
  • Separate library of accredited courses and training tracks towards professional certifications
  • Many courses can count towards professional development units (PDUs) or continuing education units (CEUs)

Through our partnerships, the Foundation is proud to provide the gift of learning so workers can secure better jobs, better wages, and better futures.

We share a strong commitment to empowering people, fueling communities, and making the future work for everyone.

CEO for One Month

Our aim is to find creative, innovative leaders among today’s college students and offer them the career opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to spend a month with a country CEO and senior leadership.

It starts with students applying and presenting their credentials as to why they should be selected as one of the finalists to participate and compete in a rigorous boot camp. At the end of boot camp, only one of the finalists will be chosen as CEO for One Month and receive a one month paid highly-compensated internship. From there, the student will have the opportunity to compete with other CEO for One Month finalists from around the world for the global CEO for One Month, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

In 2021, we received over 14,000 applications for the program. You don’t need a specific degree or to be particularly good with numbers or languages, you don’t need to be well-connected or have a large following on social media. Instead, we are looking for genuine personalities, enthusiastic thinkers, who are willing to learn every day, adapt to the fast-changing world of work and step out of their comfort zones when needed.

Since the program’s inception, hundreds of our candidates found their home within the Adecco Group after going through their boot camps or finishing their shadowing. Whether your career interest is in IT, HR, data analysis, management or any other field, there is a good chance the program will help you to get your “foot in the door” of the Adecco Group or any of our clients or partners!

The CEO for One Month program is held annually and typically kicks off in late January. Follow the Adecco Group on social media to stay informed on the program.

Military Family

The Adecco Group Military Alliance Program

At the Adecco Group, we have a long history of championing the military community, and we continue to recognize the important role that military families play in our economy, workplaces and society at large.

The Adecco Group Military Alliance Program is a partnership between military-affiliated groups, military installations in the United States and the Adecco Group to recruit and hire veterans, wounded warriors, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouses. Our military alliance champions assist veterans and military spouses with career development through free resume coaching, interview preparation and access to upskilling courses through the Aspire Academy. In 2021 alone, the Adecco Group found employment for over 8,500 veterans and military spouses; across out 20-year history, that number exceeds 100,000.